What does Brood mother harpy mean?

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a tremendously particular creature with a big human body and relatively tiny wings. Brood mommy harpies like to live in libraries, and frequently browse books. They seldom leave their particular terriotory, frequently ongoing on a single furnishings for hours. During winters, they have been frequently seen wearing their particular crown of motherhood. These animals are full of eggs which they cannot travel, and in addition consume considerable amounts of food. Very aggressive, it's not suggested to initiate a discussion with one, not to mention encroach on its territory. Reports show that they capture certain pets, including hogs to have a tendency to the nest. The hogs usually select and consume the runts associated with the brood. For millenia, the harpy has-been the sign of strong will, as there isn't any reported victory in arguing, since the harpy never ever acknowledges its stupidity. Brood moms may proven to make allies with enemies of the cyborgs, including their strangely close ties with potatoes, toads, hogs, and albino cannibals. They loathe bagels, raisins, cyborgs, & most other creatures. Cyborgs are specifically hated simply because they find killing the crying chicks and breaking their skulls exceptionallly enjoyable.