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the state expansion to the game Starcraft. The development pack towards the renowned cd starcraft, though it surely works more as a direct sequal to starcraft since it is nearly as huge a game, in the framework regarding the online game "broodwar" refers to the wars to regulate the rogue broods of zerg, the control of that has been shared after the loss of the overmind. Battled between sara kerrigan along with her zerg brood, the united earth directorate, the remnants associated with khalei, the dark templar (led by zeratul), Jim Raynor and his rebel causes and arcturas mengsk and his recently formed empire, Samir Duran might have controlled the whole thing into presence to prepare for coming of this xel-nagaSara Kerrigan Won it and took control of the broods then based herself in the world char, she crippled her opponents fleets, especially the UED expeditionary force, who have been damaged even though they were only a tiny an element of the UED earth based fleet