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an individual who is obsessed with My Little Pony and attempts to force other people to see photographs or view a video clip of this tv show aided by the purpose of converting them into bronies, his/her so-called "duty." Typically engages in war against critics and anti-bronies and forgets to "love and tolerate" them.Brony nazis are mostly accountable for flaming chatrooms and spamming image panels on subjects relating to MLP, especially where these types of subjects are undesired. Usually, they're more aggressive than hardcore bronies by going far beyond than proclaiming they love the program. This produces irritation in non-bronies and rather than making them transform into bronies, actually delays such conversion alternatively. Because of this, brony nazis usually neglect to accomplish their "duty."Brony nazis who help a specific generation of MLP screen hatred contrary to the various other years associated with the tv show. That is typical for people who only like the G4 MLP:FiM. Because of this, numerous videos of G1, G3, and G3.5 on YouTube have an astounding proportion of dislikes:likes, with satire and ridicule replenishing the commentary.in this way, brony nazis are anti-non-bronies, misusing the weather of Harmony for mankind.Keep in mind that only a few bronies tend to be brony nazis, but avoid those who are. Usually of thumb, prevent speaking with them and individuals who're potentially brony nazis to save you numerous evenings of problems. A brony who makes non-bronies to convert to bronydom in an attempt to bronify humanity and eliminate the anti-bronies.