What does Bronking mean?

Bronking meaning in Urban Dictionary

a-game where you you will need to get a physical page brought to the essential ridiculous (ideally constructed) title feasible.The challenges of Bronking are twofold.The first is the fact that in the event that name is also ridiculous, a human mail sorter may decline the letter as trash (which its). Automatic systems tend to maybe not filter post so efficiently.The second is getting back together a ridiculous name that suits the above mentioned requirements of not-being also fake sounding.Techniques feature delivering back once again credit-card 'junk mail' using the desired title filled in, as opposed to your own. Yet bronking circles, this might be frowned upon, as these methods tend to be automated. (see above)Invented by Dr Todd Gonzales of Townsville, Australia and named after the initial 'recipient', Dr Kendall Cotton Bronk.Protip: Most names sound better with a 'Dr' facing them.