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'Brommage' is a phrase familiar with explain an action taken fully to 'diffuse' and argument in a message board bond, this might be mostly done-by going down on a wild tangent which bares no relevance into thread concerned, it is also carry out by recommending 'everyone get along' or 'just be pals' and in some cases 'no much more arguments' this technique ended up being used daily because of the late great Pete Brommage. 'You Brommaged this bond, motherfucker' A insult frequently applied to clubbing message boards in britain. Its called after the prime Brommager of all time, Mr Pete Brommage:The work of 'bromaging' is being tangled up in some type of petty web argument and realising that you are dropping in a bad way as you're a) quite thick, or b) generally speaking a bit of a twat, therefore the individual either changes their debate point out easily fit into much more using the 'winning' point, or switch it throughout and have fun with the "It really is just an email board can not most of us get along" card. The Latter becoming the essential utilized example and therefore seeing the initial incarnation associated with get on Gang