What does Broken Foot mean?

Broken Foot meaning in Urban Dictionary

The cracked Foot is what sometimes happens when you're engaged in seriously harsh and vigorous intercourse with a partner.During the work, the couple (or partners) end up fucking so difficult, one of those breaks their particular foot or any other appendage. Research shows that 90% of times it's the foot or feet that use the punishment.The worse the break, the greater the sex. Several pauses would signify genius / brilliant sex.Not become mistaken for a stress break that could occur during dull intercourse.

Broken Foot meaning in Medical Dictionary

disturbance of 1 or maybe more of the 26 bones inside base. Leg cracks take into account 10per cent of all of the broken bones in the torso. Symptoms of a broken base consist of pain, inflammation, bruising, and tenderness. Bones associated with base could be damaged due to an abrupt injury, eg jumping from a height or huge object dropping and landing on base. Foot cracks may develop gradually as time passes, such as the consequence of the continual anxiety of walking or operating. Treatment is dependent upon the place and extent associated with break that can integrate immobilization, avoidance of weight bearing, medications for pain control, and, in some cases, surgery. Also known as a fracture, break, or break of foot.