What does Brokawlism mean?

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The work to be crazy, old, fat, semi-retarded, and socially unsatisfactory in most personal sectors. Symptoms Include:1.Comb-Over2.Wearing Flowered Button Up Shirts 3.Hanging Out aided by the Librarian 4.Having A Dazed Look on your own Face most of the Time5.Being Dazed And Confuzed all of the Time6.Wearing the Harley-Davidson Shirt To Be Cool, even if you do not have Bike7.Yelling At folks Or Objects who will ben't There8.Despising Charleton Heston For Portraying Mark Antony Incorrectly 9.When poked In The Stomach You Laugh And Giggle 10. You Laugh At your Unfunny Jokes11.When you explain Yourself As A "Studmuffin," although 99.percent for the Female Population come across You Replusive