What does Broilin' Woman mean?

Broilin' Woman meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. Meaning a female that nags and nags and nags until the girl significant other, prefer to lay on top of the roofing than hear her grumble or "b*tch" about things.2. Something a female does whenever she's mad, disturbed, or irritated about some thing. Mainly whenever a lady is a broiling woman she is not just a "nag" she is that towards extreme, it really is like she broils your brain while using the "b*itching and moaning" she does((This girl also requires help, and does not kno she's a broilin' lady,she doesnt understand how she's impacting the individuals around her, she just thinks she is stressed( which she most likely is), but in purchase for her to change she really has got to find out in a loving means and she must hear by herself actually undergoing broilin')) A broilin' girl can certainly be a mother, a teacher, sibling, spouse, girlfriend-any individual you need to cope with on a regular basis.