What does Brodrive mean?

Brodrive meaning in Urban Dictionary

A drive of epic broportion. Begins long after the sun features set and goes on before the journey is complete. Must start after 10pm and continue for no less than 4 hours. Needs at least three bros. Usually requires bit to no planning. A Cumby's Run before or during is vital. We few cigars and/or hitting-up the area 24 hour Walmart at 3am is definitely a plus.Alcohol is only seldom required. Often after a bad break-up. Must-have a designated driver. Take out most of the straight back seating of one's Suburban and just let your entire ideas pour out as you go around a bottle of Jack Daniels.Want to master just what it feels as though to-be a real bro? Fill that gas tank, call all your bros, and drive! There does not should be reasons! Simply hold fucking driving. You will be aware when it's time to return.