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Broski + dude = brodi an attractive, amazing girl who's constantly up for an adventure. she doesnt care about just what other individuals think about the girl and lives the woman life to the fullest.shes an enormous celebration woman and it is up for everything. shes maybe not afraid of everything. she doesnt let such a thing get her straight down but look out in the event that you mess with her or the woman pals your planning to get hurt.brodi is a pal you'll have permanently, she'll stay with you thro dense or thin, will usually present that second opportunity but don't screw the woman over because you dont know what your getting into.brodi has actually most of the dudes going after her, then when you have got the lady store her tight. she always will falls for men she cant have and falls difficult. she loves an extended relationship had been they are not afraid to-be themself around eachother. brodi is an unbeliveable kisser and it is great during sex. somethin' gross you smell outdoors