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a little city in Pennsylvania in which there is absolutely no end to chiropractors, car dealerships, and churches! PVHS and PVMS have been in this town. 2 schools old as hell, house regarding the Bears. colors are royal blue and white. There is fundamentally no clothes stores. You need to go right to Stroudsburg to go the the nearest shopping center that is like 45 min. away. In the summertime, you constantly would like to get using this small city, after that after about 5 days on a break, you skip it! Recently, this little town is getting quite bigger plus populated. Brand new Yorkers tend to be using over.we some genuine hicks, also. Farm land. Woods. CRAPPY roads... but that's PA. Some talk with a southern accent, which numerous don't understand because they're from north. Significantly less than 2000 folks when you look at the city. It's only a few kilometers wide.