What does Brockles mean?

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a form, caring, dedicated, loving, mild woman. Exceptionally attractive. A genuine lady, one who always attempts to please the only she loves. This woman is fun,thoughtful,respectful. She never forgets a birthday,anniversary or getaway.this woman is Educated, hard working, and committed. A person who constantly meets difficulties occur front of this lady. Loves household, friends and functions! Enjoys the outdoors but is in a position to enjoy and adapt to her environments wheresoever she is. May be comfortable sitting around a campfire or at the symphony. She is a well curved woman. You will be lucky to own a Brockles. She will become your closest friend, your spouse along with your confidant. a woman you'd be pleased to bring residence to mom. Never on the talkative part but shes a beneficial listener and constantly here when you need her. Doesn't like people who tends to make enjoyable of everything and everyone. vulnerable about specific things. perhaps not an open girl if for example the not close to the girl. an actual challenge to make the journey to know but once you do shes a phenomenal girl with a phenomenal heart,but she hides it behind her cocky personality. great taste in songs.