What does Broccoli Rabe mean?

Broccoli Rabe meaning in Cooking Dictionary

an associate associated with broccoli household which looks much like its relative, but has actually thinner stalks and it is harvested extremely young. The leaves and younger rose minds may be eaten prepared as spring greens or raw in salads. The stems will also be edible. The taste is slightly sour and becomes more so as it matures. Choose youthful, crisp, leafy stalks (they could involve some yellowish plants), and look the stalks for toughness. Avoid huge, woody stalks or yellowish, limp leaves. Also referred to as broccoli rab, raab, rape, rapini, Italian turnip and broccoletti.

Broccoli Rabe meaning in General Dictionary

plant cultivated for its pungent edible leafy shoots

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  • slightly bitter dark-green leaves and clustered flower buds