What does Broadband mean?

Broadband meaning in Etymology Dictionary

particular high-speed Internet accessibility widely accessible from 2006, from wide (adj.) + band (n.1).

Broadband meaning in Business Dictionary

Digital interaction technology in which (in comparison to baseband) the bandwidth (information carrying ability) of an individual method including a wire, cable, or station is divided in to several independent pathways. Making use of methods like regularity division multiplexing, broadband allows quickly (45 Megabits per second or maybe more) and multiple transmission of different signals (information, sound, movie), and interconnection of various devices on a network.

Broadband meaning in General Dictionary

of or regarding or becoming a communications network when the bandwidth is split and shared by multiple simultaneous indicators (for voice or data or video)

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  • giving an answer to or operating at an extensive musical organization of frequencies

Broadband meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

instead known as high-speed Web or wideband transmission, broadband (bb) means telecommunications that offer multiple networks of information over a single communication method (cable). These days, there are a wide variety of broadband technologies obtainable in most areas, below is a quick listing of several of those services and businesses that provide it. Remember, the examples of providers all depend on where you are worldwide.

Broadband meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

This describes high-speed data transmission where just one cable can carry a great deal of data simultaneously. The most typical forms of Internet broadband contacts are cable modems (which use the same connection as cable TV) and DSL modems (which use your current phone line). Due to the several channel capability, broadband has started to restore baseband, the single-channel technology originally used in most computer companies. Therefore now when you see businesses like AT&T and SBC pushing those fancy "broadband" adverts inside face, you will about know very well what these are typically referring to.