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Bro time is a “safe room” for bros to convey their particular “feelings.” It is the natural consequence of bro’s evening and generally occurs after ingesting an instance of natty ice. The event is normally triggered by an evocative track that will be familiar to all the the bros. For example: “One” by Metallica, “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson or Pennywise’s “Bro Hymn.” After moshing and playing atmosphere guitar for their favorite song the bros will remain around and talk about “sensitive” topics particularly their aversion to intimate assault (to maybe atone due to their very own indiscretions), confessing to “banging” an unusually heinous woman and/or another bro’s sis, praising their particular father’s maleness, enjoyable the theory that you may certainly “love that slut you’ve been banging,” or conversely how that “bitch” just who fucked another guy “broke your heart.” However bros wouldn't confess to carrying out a bro task and thus weaken their standing as a bro. First and foremost because bro time is a task carried out by white upper middle-income group dudes it constantly occurs out of the examining eyes of females, folks of shade, household members, liberals, non-Christians, the indegent as well as the disabled. It's a place in which bros is “as raw as they want to be” and where slim connections keeping together their heterosexual bro identification come dangerously near unraveling. Even so the event is always cut back to reality with a swift and macho bro hug and shots of Jagermeister. n. 1. time along with your bros. a handshake or a "boogity boogity is essential".2. what kelsey and jeff do when they see one another within the halls in school. Bro time is when bros gather at lunch time and mention activities and pussy. Another option to sports talk is an unneccesary debate regarding the existence of kidney rocks and what purpose they serve inside our world.