What does Bro Streak mean?

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The work of a girl having sex with a group quantity of Fraternity members either at once or in a-row. These generally include:Bro- One brotherDouble Bro- Two brothersTriple Bro- Three brothersOverBro- Four brothersBrotacular- Five brothersBrotrocity- Six brothersBrollimanjaro- Seven brothersBrotastrophe- Eight brothersBropocalypse- Nine brothersBrollionaire- Ten brothersAlso included will be the mythical bro lines of bromanity:Atom Bro- All people in an individual section fraternity on campus.Bro-mination- All members of a fraternity on a campus.Bro-bonic Plague- All members of a fraternity in section nationwide.These lines could end up in three ways:Brosplosion- the work of one or more fraternity people ejaculating on an unsuspecting femaleBroBalls- The work of a brother getting cut off from completing intercouse. The fraternity version of Blue balls.Rape- self-explanatory