What does Bro Stink mean?

Bro Stink meaning in Urban Dictionary

1). Just what a dude has after becoming out through the night, lunar drunk, smoked up, guy stanky, Real 3D SeXXXed up, vagina lipped, snickers breathed and cocked call at every sort of method.2). What yer bed room features after weekly very long fourgy or moregy bro fest... (See: Brofest during sex).3). one Bro Stinky sticky haired mommy f*percent#@R who never ever washes the serum off his hair.4). Exactly what a dudes preferred set of sox, undies, t-shirt, jock band, hoody or beanie has after months and weeks of unfailing wear without elimination and/or washing.5). What your finger(s) has actually/have after achieving down or behind to scrape yer butt 'n' nuggets.