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Players substitute within the word "bro" in appropriate locations (where you have the "o" sound, typically). Score things each and every time the term is used without having the target noticing. Much like the cat game.Players may just play among themselves to try and present their particular ability at making use of "bro" when you look at the most suitable locations. Frequently referred toHalo 2-4 (HeyBro 4 )Call of Duty (Bro of Duty)Modern Warfare (Modern Brofare)Or any on line shooting online game in which more than one Bros can get on a complain about camping or perhaps not getting a kill because of hacking or other technique of playing Brogame is a business utilized by cheaters purchasing gold, reputation, Items etc... For MMORPG's.People that have utilized Brogame report they dont give you the solutions they advertise and rip you down leading to account bans because farming one location for days until a ban is sustained!!YOU SHOULDN'T BE BUYING GOLD OR POWERLEVELING ANYWAY!!!!