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Brittany Dodds: Brittanys are gorgeous, wise women. They truly are timid sometimes, but when they feel comfortable near you, theyll open right-up. They truly are a lot of fun, and they are constantly good. They are always very down to earth, and stick with one close group of buddies for most or all their resides. They often arent the absolute most "popular" nonetheless they arent nerds. They dont act fake around men and women, they've been who they are in addition they dont change. They generally are uncomfortable, however they don't have any reason enough to be. They may fix their locks at whilst at their particular school toilets, even if its ideal. They have ideal laugh in the world, and their eyes are just remarkable. They constantly look pretty, even without attempting, when they do attempt, its amazing. Obtained great design: both in garments in music. They often like nice , funny , attractive dudes and will also be dropping deeply in love with one in no time at all, and though you may break her heart , she continues to have it in her own heart to forgive you , so when she does, you should be truth be told there for her , you never ever want to drop a girl like brittany.