What does Briton mean?

Briton meaning in General Dictionary


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  • characteristic of or from the Britons
  • a native or inhabitant of Great Britain
  • an inhabitant of south Britain ahead of the Anglo-Saxon invasions
  • British.
  • A native of good Britain.

Briton meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Anglo-French Bretun, from Latin Brittonem (nominative Britto, misspelled Brito in MSS) "an associate associated with tribe associated with Britons," from *Britt-os, the Celtic title of this Celtic inhabitants of Britain and southern Scotland ahead of the 5c. Anglo-Saxon intrusion drove all of them into Wales, Cornwall, and a few other corners. In 4c. B.C.E. Greek they are taped as Prittanoi, that is said to suggest "tattooed individuals." Solely in historical use after Old English duration; revived when James I happened to be proclaimed King of Great Britain in 1604, and made authoritative at the union of England and Scotland in 1707.

Briton meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) British.

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  • (letter.) A native of good Britain.

Sentence Examples with the word Briton

The harbour docks and adjacent railways (which exceed 20 m.) are owned and administered by a harbour trust of 26 members, of whom one is the owner of the Briton Ferry estate (Earl Jersey), 4 represent the lord of the seigniory of Gower (the duke of Beaufort), 12 are proprietary members and 9 are elected annually by the corporation of Swansea.

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