What does Britnie mean?

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Beautiful, however they never ever admit it. Elegant, and exotic. Smart, imaginative. Songs junkie. She frequently has actually one thing on the brain and has now a tendency to make a random opinion which includes next to nothing to do with the current discussion. She is filled with life and almost always pleased. Loves to dancing and remain fit. Her look will capture both you and her eyes will hypnotize you. Passionate,has a great heart, expressive, outbound. Down to earth, and easy to-fall for. Would rather press through discomfort herself than inflict it onto other people.; strong. She actually is naive and feels people are honest and genuine. This is the woman significant downfall establishing this lady up for heartbreak. Frequently said she looks like a bitch, but is one of the sweetest people you are going to ever before fulfill. Don't ever let her fall away.