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British School Manila rocks !. Yes simply admitt it. the tuition fee is high but that is coz it includes a higher standard training as well as the environment associated with school would take-over just about any school anytime :P we lots of competitors. ISM for just one. But our lions our much better than thier bearcats. The title of this school might be BRIT college manila but we accept any nationality (thats really why we're awesome) we love activities and academics (explanation number two if you are awesome). Bsm Is AwEsOmE! it gets types of bland whenever you ask a person from sports groups if they won or not because we all know the immediate response is yes. Our class might not be as big as ISM but we dont desire a school whenever we dont know whom everybody is in the 12 months because during your whole college we realize one another (another explanation as to being awesome) haha im going to compose more shortly.