What does British Scavenger Hunt mean?

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a game title typically played during springtime break in which contestants try to gather the absolute most "pounds" with the addition of the weights of all the girls they have effectively laid throughout the allocated time.Notes:-Approval of estimated fat of girl is needed by one or more other contestant. -No, playing just the tip cannot count. -No matter how many times you shag exactly the same girl, her weight is added once. Techniques include:Delusional:The narcissist just who tries to win your competitors by setting up with about 35 anorexic designs.Note: up to now, just one effective delusional campaign was reported.Dance of Desperation:A really uncomfortable mating ritual done with a colossal dance-floor-loving feminine of gravity-happy variety. Thought to be the fastest way to rise up the leaderboard.Warning: the large BAC required to pull the DoD off may backfire with no help of viagra. Additionally, NEVER agree to be on bottom.Sams Club:Lets simply say that everything you purchase there is certainly just bigger.Rambo:a rapidfire all-out energy to remove what you can once you can.Vulture:A shameless player who takes down all the emotionally baffled women having been run-through by various other participants. Top vultures pick-up plenty of pounds (and perhaps stds) with little effort.Making unwanted fat woman sing:if the things leader virtually ensures his triumph by O-facing the greatest of objectives from the yesterday evening of competitors.