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distinct from the other Brittany, Britney, Britany, Brittney, and any other untrue variants from real purity, which Britiny. She actually is an incredible buddy who can lose everything she has which will make other individuals delighted. She hates her title as it provides the standing of every thing she is maybe not. Through such people since the "typical Britany's, Britney's, etc." You-know-what I'm referring to. The fat, bitchy, constantly moody ones that you just want to state "get the fuck out of my picture you bit of filth." Yeah, those people. Well Britiny is an extraordinarily special name due to the few who carry it. They comprehend it's burden and try so very hard is top person who they may be. Never thinking about only themselves and for their particular private gain. Most Britiny's generally have a brief temperament, and must ALWAYS be appropriate. They want to win, hate to get rid of. Hate fights, in the long run, though know very well what must be done to correct things. Britiny's often in addition love and look after people, pets, friends. Britiny's make great commitment lovers and fans. They will certainly stick to you through to the end. Britiny's want to be upbeat and positive about things,, constantly taking into consideration the good from the bad. They will assist you to if you are unfortunate, or devastated. But could never ever, intentionally, do harm, because of their shy, however helpful nature =). Britiny's hair color is usually red, brown or black. Never blond, god forbid -.-