What does Brite mean?

Brite meaning in General Dictionary

becoming or become overripe as grain barley or hops

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  • Alt. of Bright

Brite meaning in Names Dictionary

From Britain.
Name Origin: Celtic
Name Gender: Female

Brite meaning in Etymology Dictionary

variant of bright (adj.). It figures in English phonetic spelling reform from at least the belated 19c.; as an advertiser's term it dates from about 1905 ("Star-brite Metal Polish," produced by the Star-Brite business of Lancaster, Pa., U.S.).

Brite - German to English

Britisher [Am.] [Br., obs.] [coll.]

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  • British man
  • Briton
  • Brit [coll.]
  • Limey [Am.] [Aus.] [sl.]
  • Pommie [Aus.] [NZ] [coll.] [pej.]
  • Pommy [Aus.] [NZ] [coll.] [pej.]
  • Pom [Aus.] [NZ] [coll.]
  • Angrez [Ind.] [coll.]

Brite meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) Alt. of Bright