What does Brit mean?

Brit meaning in General Dictionary

The younger associated with the common herring also a tiny types of herring the sprat

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  • a native or inhabitant of Great Britain
  • the younger of a herring or sprat or similar fish
  • minute crustaceans forming meals for right whales
  • Alt. of Britt

Brit meaning in Names Dictionary

kind of Britannia. See Brittania.
Name Origin: Celtic
Name Gender: Female

Brit meaning in Etymology Dictionary

U.S. colloquial shortening of Britisher or Briton, 1901, formerly (in keeping with Britisher) highly offensive to Englishmen taking a trip in the States, just who regarded it up to now another instance of "odious vulgarism" regarding the Us citizens, but Bret and Bryt were typical Old English words the (Celtic) Britons and survived until c.1300. In Old French, Bret as an adjective meant "British, Breton; cunning, crafty; simple-minded, stupid."

Brit meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Britt

Sentence Examples with the word Brit

In the Propontis, as far as I can learn, none of that peculiar substance called BRIT is to be found, the aliment of the right whale.

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