What does Bristol, PA mean?

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Bristol, PA is where everybody you understand is on some form of drug, however you just never care. There is the little one across the street that everyone hates, so after dark, you are going bomb his house wth a few dozen eggs. Kids are generally divided and classified as 'the huge children's and 'the little children's. manhunt is the shit, and when your parents yell at you for climbing on roofs and let you know never to play any longer, you play woman-hunt(manhunt...but during the day).it's so near philly you will get all the advantages of really BEING in philly: philly soft pretzels, philly cheesesteaks,etc. You went out until the road lights emerged on, or until your parents yelled your title out the front door and stated it is the right time to are available. when you stay truth be told there, you state how much you cannot stay it but once you leave, you may be the very first individual guard it when others talk shit.bristol accompanies Levittown, and Croydon/Old croydon, all of these tend to be just as criminal activity filled. fundamentally, bristol is residence.