What does Bristol mean?

Bristol meaning in General Dictionary

A seaport city within the western of The united kingdomt

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  • a commercial town and interface in southwestern England close to the mouth regarding the River Avon
  • A seaport town into the western of England.

Bristol meaning in Etymology Dictionary

City in western England, center English Bridgestow, from Old English Brycgstow, actually "assembly location by a bridge" (see bridge (n.) + stow). A local peculiarity of pronunciation adds -l to words ending in vowels. Of a kind of pottery, 1776; of a type of glass, 1880. In Brit slang, "breast," 1961, from Bristol cities, rhyming slang for titties.

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Bristol meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A seaport city inside western of England.

Sentence Examples with the word Bristol

It lies on the right (east) bank of the river Parret, near the point where that river debouches from the hills on to the plain through which it flows to the Bristol Channel.

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