What does Briefcase mean?

Briefcase meaning in General Dictionary

a tiny suitcase with a handle its employed for holding documents or data or books

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  • an instance with a handle; to carry reports or files or publications

Briefcase meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"portable foldable instance for holding reports," 1926, from brief (n.) when you look at the paper feeling + instance (n.2).

Briefcase meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

In Microsoft Windows, My Briefcase or Briefcase is an unique folder that allows an individual to copy and synchronize copies of files between numerous computers. For instance, if you'd a desktop and a laptop computer that shared similar files you can use the Briefcase to store and synchronize the data between computers. The picture is an example of the initial My Briefcase symbol utilized in Windows 95. The Briefcase function ended up being obtainable in Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 2000, and 7. In Microsoft windows 8, the Briefcase function not any longer supported.

Sentence Examples with the word Briefcase

A suitcase was open on a rack by the door and an imitation leather briefcase stood next to it.

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