What does Bridgman mean?

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The act of dropping your virginity to a man you hardly know, and then continuing doing various dudes that you do not know so that the remainder of your "friends" will require to you.Typically done within groups of "friends" just who essentially simply take turns with the exact same number of dudes, referred to as bros.Doing the Bridgman may cause:Loss of clothingLoss of virginityLoss of "friends"Loss of self respectLoss of good reputationSexually transmitted diseasesUnplanned pregnancyDoing the Bridgman might reveal one to:DrugsAlcoholA unlawful recordGuys just who graduated 5 years ago but have no everyday lives simply because they work on Pizza Hut but still believe they may be "the person."

Sentence Examples with the word Bridgman

The little blind children at the Perkins Institution had sent it and Laura Bridgman had dressed it; but I did not know this until afterward.

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