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Bridgewater, also referred to as B-Dubb (which arises from initial letters of the words Bridge and liquid, B W, that was ultimately shortened to simply B-Dubb) is a town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia with a current populace of approximately 7600. The city's primary business is a Michelin tire plant. If this closes, we're fucked. It also features a huge populace of bullies and wiggers, in addition to a totally inadequate school system. Essentially, it really is a shit gap associated with first-order. However, there clearly was an up and coming music scene in your community, in addition to a film movie theater, that was integrated 2004. Many new and revolutionary businesses are also stepping into the area, a number of which survive yet others usually do not. Bridgewater is regularly made fum of by men and women located in Halifax, and, in turn, residents of Bridgewater make enjoyable of these surviving in Liverpool. Therefore it could be stated that shit operates along the coast.