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a suburb of Aberdeen, North-East ScotlandBridge of Don is divided in to smaller areas. suburbs if you will.these tend to be: Danestone, Denmore, Dubford, Grandholm, Jesmond, Middleton Park, Ashwood, Mundurno, and Scotstown.The schools of this type are Danestone Primary,Greenbrae main, Bridge of Don Academy, Oldmachar Academy, Braehead main,Middleton Park main, Forehill main, Glashieburn Primary and Scotstown Primaryhaving lived here for all my life to date, i'd say connection of don is a fair location to reside in, i've never ever seen any racists, muggers, drug-dealers or usually anti-social people indeed there. in addition, it's quiet and houses tend to be great. Middleton park is just about the most readily useful college out of the countless all of them, the students are very well-behaved so its a bit of a shock when you are around oldie (oldmachar academy) and fulfill less well-behaved people. men and women usually maybe not talk so much dorick up there aside from "dah kenn" which will be in fact incorrect as its "dinna kenn"however, connection of don, like all towns has its disadvantages. young adults are extremely spoiled, image-conscious, vain and materialistic. when your complete income autumn under 30,000 yearly you don't would you like to deliver your kids truth be told there, go after hazelhead, torry, rosemount or midstocket rather