What does Bride of Clamp-N-Stein mean?

Bride of Clamp-N-Stein meaning in Urban Dictionary

Equipment required:1. Girl2. Jumper cables3. Bucket of ice cubes4. Boots5. Proper protection knowledgeChain your "freak on a leash" (a willing "Bride", naturally) to a steel pole . . . arms bound above her mind . . . totally buck-naked.Ice down the woman nipples (nipple bands "perferred") with ice cubes until their particular erect like icicles.Showtime . . . clamp one end associated with the jumper cables to a car or truck battery pack together with other end to her hard nipples. Make sure you tend to be using boots utilizing the proper insulation.To ensure she is receiving the appropriate "charge" . . . ignite the woman ass-nition with your power rod . . .and Enjoy ! ! !