What does Bride mean?

Bride meaning in General Dictionary

To make a bride of

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  • a female newly hitched or just around to-be married
  • a lady participant inside her very own marriage ceremony
  • Irish abbess; a patron saint of Ireland (453-523)
  • a lady that has been already married
  • A woman newly married, or around is married.
  • Fig.: An object ardently liked.
  • to produce a bride of.

Bride meaning in Names Dictionary

A variant of this Celtic Bridget, indicating powerful. Although Bride had been when a typical name in England and Scotland, it's rarely seen these days.
Name Origin: Celtic
Name Gender: Female

Bride meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English bryd "bride, betrothed or newly married girl," from Proto-Germanic *bruthiz "woman becoming hitched" (cognates: Old Frisian breid, Dutch bruid, Old High German brut, German Braut "bride"). Gothic cognate bru

Bride - German to English

adhesive musical organization

Bride meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A female newly married, or about is hitched.

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  • (letter.) Fig.: An object ardently loved.
  • (v. t.) Which will make a bride of.

Sentence Examples with the word Bride

In their previous travels in Syria they had gained the confidence and friendship of a young sheikh whose family, though long settled at Tadmur, came originally from Nejd, and who was anxious to renew the connexion with his kinsmen by seeking a bride among them.

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