What does Briar mean?

Briar meaning in General Dictionary

identical to Brier

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  • Eurasian rose with prickly stems and fragrant leaves and brilliant green plants followed by scarlet hips
  • a pipeline made of the basis (briarroot) associated with tree heath
  • evergreen treelike Mediterranean shrub having fragrant white blossoms in large terminal panicles and difficult woody roots accustomed make cigarette pipes
  • an extremely prickly woody vine of the east united states of america growing in tangled public having tough round stems with shiny leathery leaves and small greenish blossoms accompanied by clusters of inedible shiny black colored fruits
  • identical to Brier.
  • A plant with a thin woody stem-bearing stout prickles; particularly, species of Rosa, Rubus, and Smilax.
  • Fig.: Anything sharp or unpleasant on feelings.

Briar meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: French
Name Gender: Female

Briar meaning in Etymology Dictionary

see brier (n.1).

Briar meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) just like Brier.

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  • (letter.) A plant with a slender woody stem-bearing stout prickles; especially, types of Rosa, Rubus, and Smilax.
  • (letter.) Fig.: something razor-sharp or unpleasant towards emotions.

Sentence Examples with the word Briar

Ian Maclaren's first sketches of rural Scottish life, Beside the Bonnie Briar Bush (1894), achieved extraordinary popularity and were followed by other successful books, The Days of Auld Lang Syne (1895), Kate Carnegie and those Ministers (1896) and Afterwards and other Stories (1898).

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