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The lead singer for the Gaslight Anthem who believes he's another Bruce Springsteen. He got the name "Gaslight" because Bruce always play their gigs at the gaslight club. He is constantly dealing with Springsteen in the interviews, plays a telecaster, and emulates bruce and it's really actually irritating...Their both douchebags in my opinion..His tracks are good, but he is like The Game (rapper) because he could be constantly name-dropping or stealing lines from past music artists' tracks. His mouth is actually small and then he needs braces...he has a tendency to stay cross legged playing electric guitar and wears tight jeans and vans wear shoes without socks. He additionally wears equivalent hats springsteen wore in the seventies and flannel shirts. Nevertheless, he is got great skill and can go far together with his band if they stay punk stone if their next record becomes pop music then they will eventually lose a huge amount of followers specially here in Jersey. Hopefully Brian defintely won't be a sell out like their idol. My relative understands Benny and therefore pet rocks !. Discover Spiro Agnew on myspace.