What does Briahn mean?

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Briahn (n): A seriously awesome and funny girl with a good sense of humour which will help keep you in stitches the majority of the day. Always ready to laugh to you as well as you.Single inclined and determined Briahn tends to make outstanding fitness center friend and will drive you to be the ideal as possible be. Is competitive and she'll whoop your arse given any opportunity.Briahn: (adj) Smart and Sassy and marches to her very own drummer. Briahn will frequently laugh at her very own antics because they are seriously funny.Impossible to not ever similar to this pocket dynamo. Defensive of pals & family members, but will not endure fools. Has the ability to knock you straight down with a single glare.Loves pets of types and can always ingest a stray or two.WARNING: DO NOT stare too-long... You WILL get stared down. Breathing on the can also be perhaps not recommended.