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a person who is a bit timid, but underneath is a tremendously enthusiastic individual. An individual who is sexy, smart, soothing, gorgeous, and selfless inside and outside. Is these types of a committed friend, and is loyal. She`s the type of person who clings on and not allows go, but in a very simple method. Such a down to earth, effervescent, and cool individual communicate with. Once your pals with this specific person or love this person, it`s forever. A-sea animal located in the St Lawrence River, typically noticed in the Thousand isles. Briah pronounced bE-rye-Ah has-been spotted often in Heathers aim bay and around Stoven Island. It's rumoured that after winter comes Briah migrates up the St. Lawrence into the Montreal area. Contrary to popular belief, the Briah infact, doesn't have a home in the St. Lawrence River. Rather, it may be present in a variety of forests when you look at the 1000 Islands region. If you run into this animal, you might to start with error it for a person being... this is simply not the outcome. The Briah is one of the most complex and potentially dangerous animals on earth. Though it is hard to come by (because it's an endangered species) there are numerous identifiable mating calls this one should be aware and aware of, when traveling through Brockville area. The next is a listing of mating phone calls become weary of: da-da-da-doodle, slinnnnnnkin butthead, janistinosterros, etc. If anytime you notice these mating calls, or worse, come face-to-face with a Briah; run STRAIGHT during the Briah with fury in your eyes whilst chanting, "you will not date once again". This may certainly deliver it into refuge, but as a precaution, it's advocated you may not travel with traces of peanut butter on you.