What does Brest mean?

Brest meaning in General Dictionary

A torus

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  • for Bursteth
  • a port city in northwestern France (in Brittany); the principle naval section of France
  • for Bursteth.
  • Alt. of Breast

Brest meaning in Etymology Dictionary

city in France, from Celtic, from bre "hill." The city in Belarus is from Slavic berest "elm." Element of Lithuania from 1319, it therefore had been known, for functions of identifying all of them, as Brest Litovsk until 1921.

Brest meaning in General Dictionary

(3d sing.pr.) for Bursteth.

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  • (n.) Alt. of Breast

Sentence Examples with the word Brest

Therefore a second and more powerful fleet was fitted out at Brest under the command of the Count d'Orvilliers.

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