What does Brent mean?

Brent meaning in General Dictionary

A brant See Brant

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  • Burnt
  • Steep high
  • little dark geese that type in north and migrate southward
  • of Brenne
  • Alt. of Brant
  • Burnt.
  • A brant. See Brant.

Brent meaning in Names Dictionary

Steep hill.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Brent meaning in Finance Dictionary

a kind of sweet crude oil which is used as a benchmark for the prices of various other crude oils. The brent blend is a mixture of crude oil from a number of services in the Ninian and fields when you look at the North Sea.

Brent - German to English

Brent (crude oil)

Brent meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Brenne

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  • (a.) Alt. of Brant
  • (imp. & p. p.) Burnt.

Sentence Examples with the word Brent

In the tideway the principal affluents of the Thames are the Brent at Brentford, the Wandle at Wandsworth, the Ravensbourne at Deptford, the Lea at Blackwall, the Darent just below Erith, and the Ingrebourne at Rainham, besides the Medway.

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