What does Brennen mean?

Brennen meaning in Names Dictionary

Prince. Variant of Brendan.
Name Origin: Irish
Name Gender: Male

Brennen - German to English

is burning

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  • to burn
  • to distil [spv.]
  • to bite
  • to capture [ignite]
  • to calcine
  • to-be on [light]
  • to blaze
  • to wise [sore]
  • to roast [nuts]
  • to fire
  • to kiln
  • to bake
  • to-be alight [cigarette]
  • to cauterise [Br.]
  • to cauterize
  • to pay for
  • sharp discomfort when urinating
  • burning up
  • calcination
  • cauterisation [Br.]
  • cauterization
  • bush firing
  • pitfiring
  • sting [of nettle, jellyfish]

Sentence Examples with the word Brennen

I'm sure Brennen was confused by my sharp response and background noise but once girls and dog had left we settled down to business.

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