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1) Breton title of Brittany, the 6 celtic nations.The languages spoken you can find : Breton, Gallo and French.Divided into nine nations ("bro(ioù)") : Bro-Gwened, Bro-Naoned, Bro-Roazhon, Bro-Zol, Bro-Sant-Maloù, Bro-Sant-Brieg, Bro-Gernev, Bro-Dreger and Bro-Leon2) Breton title for the french region of Brittany. It is the exact same territory except that following the french transformation, the french begun to completly disrespect breton people and their particular culture. They first divided it into 5 départements (Morbihan, Ille-et-Vilaine, Loire-Atlantique, Côte-d'Armor and Finistère), and after WWII they decided that Loire-Atlantique didn't belong to region of Brittany anymore..., Also, for several years they forbade Breton and Gallo languages. Today it is allowed to chat Breton or Gallo but those languages aren't "officially recognized" as well as the whole breton tradition continues to be disrespected/not even acknowledged. Some Bretons consider by themselves as french, some state they may be both french and breton and some do not want is known as french. So when somebody say they may be Breton, telling things like "It's in France" or "and that means you're french" is very offending, exactly like telling welsh they are english.3)Brittany (the country) can be called Breizh in other languages than breton to separate it through the french region or, in english, to really make the title easier to differenciate from britain. It can also be written Breizh or Breih. the diminutive form for "Breizh" is "Bzh". Breton name when it comes to French area of Brittany.