What does Breitman Philosophy mean?

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dedication to excilence involving fraternity functions as well as the girls that attend those events. Learning associated with the Breitman Philosophy: 1: No fat girls at any celebration since they are fat and noone likes all of them anyhow. Ex. G Phi B, AEPhi. 2: Goobers, "Gamers", nerds, fags, deuches shall not attend any party becuase they speak with one another and noone else ,are a waste of room, and creep women out. Ex. Honig. 3: celebration with other greeks becuase its fun and most of them are actually cool dudes also it provides your property great rep. Ex: April 27, 2007, the party that made AEPi and ASU record. THANK YOU FOR VISITING THE BRAND NEW ERA OF AEPI.