What does Breaststroke mean?

Breaststroke meaning in Sports Dictionary

all the time the legs and arms continue to be beneath the water in this swing. The arms pull back at exactly the same time in a circular motion and they are forced ahead together from in chest. The feet are used together with the feet dealing with outward, chances are they kick away and straight back. (sport: contemporary Pentathlon - Swimming)

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  • approach to cycling in which the hands pull-back simultaneously with a circular motion and are also pressed forward together from underneath the chest, the legs tend to be drafted alongside the foot proved and kick away and right back. The arms and legs stay underneath the liquid all the time. This is basically the slowest regarding the four race designs. (recreation: Swimming)
  • A movement a swimmer uses that involves their head becoming held high and constant using feet supplying a wedge kick, that bends and drives the swimmer through the water. (recreation: Synchronized Swimming)

Breaststroke meaning in General Dictionary

swim utilizing the face down and expand the hands forward and outward while kicking utilizing the leg

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  • a swimming swing; the arms tend to be extended collectively as you're watching mind and swept back on either part followed by a frog kick