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a phrase referring to a particular style of songs where the listener feels the overpowering desire to reveal there tits. Breastcore first started in the early 90s when underground designers started working experiments utilizing the famed "amen break" and recognized that within particular frequencies even many conventional of listeners will likely be overcome because of the urge to exhibit their breats. The definition of "breastcore" was initially penned by breakcore musicians OBE (Born Oscar Bernard Erdringer) , Goatslacker (Named as a result of their fathers debateable species) and 0010100 (Some douche who was lying-in the same ditch whilst the other two) When the U.s government discovered their trend they instantly outlawed it because thats what they do with something that involves a decent amount of boob.However it is stated that these three artists drive throughout the night searching the briefcase containing this missing "breastcore" regularity and can be observed within the background of just one particular bout of pals... (I'm not sure which because I don't actually watch that show however some man down the road said about it and it also seemed totally awesome) Many musicians have attempted to replicate this sound but not one attended closer than Tom Jones. Mr. Jones, that is fabled for receiving ladies underwear on stage throughout a concert developed this skill whilst trying to reproduce the famed "breastcore" Frequency. "its the kind of hardcore which makes folks show their breasts" -goatslacker