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A term always explain a person.in every framework, thats it! BREAMS is an acronym which signifies BReakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System, much like Toyota's BEAMS system, although BREAMS system will not utilize Air, Fuel Or Oil.It Replaces Air With CuRRySTEam, And Fuel And Oil Are Replaced With CuRRy.Engine Specifications: 1988cc 4-Cylinder Inline EngineMax Power: DunnoMax Torque: Notmuch..Compression Ratio: 10CuRRys : 1CuRRysCuRRy ability: 4.5LCuRRy Tank Capacity: 64LCuRRy amount: 9999999999999.4S P E C I A L F E A T U R E S__________________________* Exhaust note sounds like CuRRy beyond 5,000 RPM Maybe you have woken up in night thinking you've shit your self ? Well when you yourself have you have suffered a bream... A brown fantasy !