What does Breakout mean?

Breakout meaning in Finance Dictionary

The point at which an amount breaks away often above or below a stable established range or trendline. After the cost pauses above its opposition or below its support, its very likely to carry on in the same way. Also referred to as a Trendline Violation.

Breakout meaning in Law Dictionary

forcible escape, typically from prison or abruptly and intensely well-known or successful.

Breakout meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1820, from break (v.) + outside (adv.). The spoken phrase goes back to Old English ut brecan, utabrecan. Transitive sense is attested from 1610s.

Breakout meaning in Sports Dictionary

Describes the work of a group going the puck from the defending area toward the opponent's goal. (recreation: Ice Hockey)

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  • A canoe stroke useful for getting out of the mainstream. (sport: Canoeing)

Breakout meaning in General Dictionary

an escape from prison

Breakout - German to English

breakout [share cost]