What does Breaking the Bitch mean?

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Breaking the Bitch may be the person female same in principle as breaking a horse or a dog, and sometimes involves constant light sexual harassment, absolutely nothing to ruff or unlawful, just adequate to force the feminine to stop wanting to fight back. Occasionally breaking a bitch demonstrates easy whenever a Dominant male shows into the female that he's a worthy guardian, and executes well during sexual activity. Bitches can also be purchased over, females fall weak to large sums of cash and tend to be hence rendered 'an effortless catch', these kinds of bitch are not because devoted as other individuals. Sometimes broken bitches can restore mental energy and self-reliance and rebel from the principal male, this happens most frequently with bitches that have been bought more than. This could easily often end up in the unfortunate female getting brutally outdone, more often than not, she is overlooked, occasionally the female will retaliate into beatings, which causes a man or feminine getting killed.