What does Break Your Face Off mean?

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Break that person down is an event trend sweeping the country. Break that person Off's are described as typical party elements, fueled by reckless usage of hedonistic proportions. BYFO's usually upgrade ashtrays to buttbuckets, and a sizable pot, kettle, or garbage might can be put outside the residence in case of hanging out way too hard. Adult adults which consider themselves too mature for college style hanging out always succumb to your allure associated with the BYFO nature.Breaking off a person's face correlates towards amount of absurd consumption. Including, a wine and cheese evening would-be considered a Stub-Your-Toe, regardless if all attending often Break Their Faces OffPossible consequences consist of: sleeping 'til 5 p.m. a day later, crazed cooking area cleansing while clutching tequila, and harmful mamacitas blending margaritas