What does Brazil mean?

Brazil meaning in Names Dictionary

Brave, powerful in conflict.
Name Origin: Irish
Name Gender: Unisex

Brazil meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from Spanish/Portuguese terra de brasil "red-dye-wood land," from Spanish brasil or Italian brasile, probably linked to French braize (see braize) for resemblance of color to a glowing ember (but Old Italian kind verzino suggests a possible experience of Arabic conflicts "saffron"). Initially the name of a form of lumber from an East Indian tree, used in making dye; the name later on had been utilized in the same South American species. Brazil in mention of the timber is attested in English from belated 14c. Complicating issues is Hy Brasil, a name used by 1436 to one of the bigger Azores Islands, later on utilized in a legendary area or stone off the west shore of Ireland (sighted in 1791 at lat. 51° 10', long. 15° 58').

Brazil meaning in General Dictionary

the biggest Latin American nation in addition to largest Portuguese talking nation worldwide; located in the main and northeastern section of south usa; earth's leading coffee exporter

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  • three-sided tropical United states fan with white greasy beef and hard brown layer

Brazil meaning in Symbols Dictionary

a rock carving found in . No contextual information understood at the moment.

Sentence Examples with the word Brazil

His parents, Joao Mendes da Silva and Louren9a Coutinho, were descended from Portuguese Jews who had emigrated to Brazil to escape the Inquisition, but in 1702 that tribunal began to persecute the Marranos in Rio, and in October 1712 Lourenca Coutinho fell a victim.

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